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Is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Right for You?

Marketing your products and services online has become an essential ingredient for business success. As more consumers shift their purchasing behaviors online, you can’t afford to let your business lose sales by standing on the sidelines. Internet marketing isn’t just a trend or curiosity; it is truly the future of commerce in the modern world.[…]

Why We’re Entering the Golden Age of Mobile Marketing

We are entering an age where marketing predominantly targets mobile devices. That’s because smartphones have changed the way the world works. No longer do people turn to television or computers for their information. They’re going right to the palm of their hand. TechCrunch even reported that U.S. users spend roughly 5 hours a day on[…]

How to Sell Your SaaS Product Better

The appeal of software as a service has gained a significant foothold in the marketplace with entrepreneurs who see SaaS as the ideal platform for many applications. For an industry that has been around for scarcely 30 years, insights into marketing your SaaS product is in high in demand. Utilizing these three critical strategies can[…]

How Mobile Apps Can Drive Customer Engagement

Image courtesy of AT&T Experience You are getting ready to leave your house – what do you double check you have before you walk out the door? Most people grab three essential items: wallet, keys, and phone. While some people see mobile devices as a problem because of how dependent we as a society have[…]

A Guide to Managing Customer Perceptions

If you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business. Whether you run a small business or a large company, managing customer perceptions is vital. Doing so requires putting a lot of care and attention into all of the different ways in which your company interacts with its customers, including your online presence, your customer[…]

5 Essential Tools for Your Online Marketing Campaign

Getting your online marketing right is vital to your business in today’s digital world. However, you need the right tools and methods, or you could face common pitfalls that small business owners fall into. So if you want to get more out of your online marketing and avoid missing out on crucial chances for higher[…]