October 7, 2015


Think before you rollout a social media marketing campaign. 

It is important to understand your target market and other factors when rolling out a social media marketing campaign. The success of your social media campaign investment relies on it.

Some questions to consider are,

  • Is your company B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (Business-to-consumer)?
  • What demographics are you trying to communicate with?
  • What are your goals and expectations?
  • Where are you going to find relative and engaging content?
  • How are you going to consistently push/post content to all of the different social media platforms?
  • Who is going to be tasked with social media marketing for your company?
  • Are they qualified to grow and protect your brand?

These are just some of the questions that need to be answer before rolling out a social media marketing campaign.

You may not have the time or expertise for social media marketing, but we do!

Here's what we do.....

  • We get to know you and your company, industry and target audience to create a social media marketing plan unique for your business.
  • We push out content to your selected social media sites on an ongoing basis.  Our goal is to establish a consistent presence, attract your target audience and nurture your online communities.
  • We regularly analyze the results of our activities and adjust as needed.  If something is not working, we will fix it, and if it is working, we will make it better.  Best of all, we involve our clients in the process with a high level of communication.

Social Media Marketing