5 Essential Tools for Your Online Marketing Campaign

Getting your online marketing right is vital to your business in today's digital world. However, you need the right tools and methods, or you could face common pitfalls that small business owners fall into. So if you want to get more out of your online marketing and avoid missing out on crucial chances for higher profits, use the five essential tools below:

Keyword Research

If you have the most fabulous product in the world, but no one wants it, then you can never have a successful business from it. Knowing your customers is key to your success in today's online business world. That is where the power of keyword research comes into play.

Using a tool like Google Keyword Planner lets you see who is searching for specific key terms. More specifically, it shows you the number of people seeking, their location, and also variations of the keyword being searched for. With this tool, you can determine if there is enough market demand to sell your product at a profit, based on how many conversions you get per thousand people.

Popups and Rollovers

Have you ever wondered why so many companies use those annoying popups? The reason is that they work. The people who get annoyed and leave the site are not their target market. But the people who are very interested in that offer (whether it be a gift, ebook, or subscription service) will enter their information.

When you capture emails from a popup like this, you can build a list that you can market to forever. And instead of paying for ads or censoring what you can say, you get to say whatever, whenever, to whoever is on your list for eternity. If you then combine that with email automation, you can scale it up more.

Direct Response Copywriting

Direct response copywriting is merely the art of getting a response from the audience right now instead of later. Many ad campaigns do exposure marketing, meaning they are just trying to get their name in front of people. Direct response is different and more potent in many scenarios.

It is the framework of words, headlines, and persuasion principles that guide a visitor from email signups to purchases, to referrals. If you are not a skilled copywriter yourself, be sure to hire one for your site. It is like having a salesperson multiplied online for you 24/7.

Google Reviews

Businesses that are wary of online Google reviews need to understand how to use them better. That way they can correct issues, so they aren't losing more customers again and again. Your brand can be impacted negatively if you don't listen to your customer reviews and select marketing campaigns based on that feedback. That way, you can address the right audience at the right time, and stand out from the competition.

A/B Testing

If you are not currently testing, then you are probably missing a lot of money that you could otherwise have in your business. A/B testing allows you to see which version of your marketing is the most effective. You can test headlines, web designs, pop up forms, and even pricing. While you shouldn't go overboard with too many elements at once, you should always be testing at least two versions of a component of your site at any given time.

When it comes to online marketing, it can be very overwhelming. However, with the right approach, you can use the tools that boost your business like never before. The essentials above are starting points, but don't stop there. Implement them and innovate on new processes so you can market, sell, and convert more online now and going forward.