4 Essential Elements of a Powerful Product Page

Your website needs more than a nice template and a few products. In fact, product descriptions, hero images, educational content and a call to action (CTA) are the four things every successful website needs. 

Product Descriptions That Make Sense and Are Well-Written

Whatever you sell, be certain to describe it perfectly. That means not going into too much detail on the main web page. You can use the product page to offer lengthier descriptions that give all the specifications and important facts. Whether on the main page or the product page, use clear language that honestly gives readers the key points about the product or service. The goal is to help the site visitor understand what the product looks like, what it can do and why it is different than other, similar items on the market. 

Hero Images

The central graphic image or photo on your main page is called the "hero" and it is extremely important. Make sure it is a high-resolution image that creates a positive feeling and helps to promote your product or service. Hero images can build trust and help hold the visitor's attention. White backdrops are the almost universal standard for professional product photography, so try to use them in your hero image. 

Educational Content

Of course, business owners like to brag about their products and companies. That's only human nature. But it's not always a smart way to sell. Prospective buyers of your product or service expect a moderate amount of promotion but they want facts about what they are planning to buy. Save the pep talk and bragging for advertisements. Perhaps the ads and promos got the visitor to your site. That means it's time to tone down the cheerleader approach and offer honest facts about what you sell. One way to do that is to provide educational content to consumers who are in your niche. 

If you sell sunblock lotion, for example, it would be a good idea to include a few blog posts about how to stay safe in the sun, how to avoid skin cancer and how to spot the signs of skin damage. Whatever your niche, offer some useful information to your potential customers. They'll appreciate it and likely spend more time, and money, on your site. 

Call to Action

Remember to include an upbeat, clearly formulated call to action within your main page content. Site visitors are often ready to buy what you're selling. All it takes, at that point, is a suggestion on your part to get them to "take action." Phrases like, "Visit our online store to find out more," or "Order now and get a 10 percent discount," are examples of CTAs that can motivate consumers to purchase your wares. 

By including the four essential elements of a powerful product page, anyone can build an effective and profitable website. It doesn't matter whether you're offering a product or service, if you include a CTA, educational posts, a hero image, and clear descriptions, you'll be on the road to financial success.