3 Ideas for How to Improve the User Experience on Your Website

Your online presence is what creates the first and most lasting impression of both your brand and what you have to offer. In order to keep customers filling their virtual shopping carts, you have to work diligently to create the best customer experience possible. Here are three guidelines to help you build the perfect eCommerce website.

Add New Features

Simplicity is one of your goals but only if it is accompanied by innovative features to make for a satisfying customer experience. Just a few essential features to consider include shopping carts, product suggestions, positive customer reviews, success stories, frequently asked questions and special offers. Implementing conversational commerce is a great way to improve communication with your website users and make a positive impact. It allows customers to interact with a representative through the click of a button without having to call in or wait for an email response.

Make It Easy to Navigate

As awesome as your products and services may be, no one is going to spend forever trying to figure out your complicated navigation process when they can just find another company to purchase from in a matter of minutes. User-friendly platforms not only appeal to a wider audience, but they also build trust. Anything hard to deal with or requiring too much information is regarded as suspicious. Structure your website in a sensible way that makes product selection a straightforward process. Clearly indicate your contact information, shipping and return policies, a detailed description of each product and anything else that may be helpful. Remember that consumers also greatly appreciate a quick and seamless checkout process.

Make It Aesthetically Pleasing

People are visual creatures. While they may regard two products as inherently the same, they will usually choose the one wrapped in a prettier package. That said, a website should be attractive and thoughtfully designed. It ought to be enriched with an appealing color scheme, high-quality photos, clever quotes, friendly faces and any other type of imagery that displays the products and brand in a positive light. Keep in mind that darker letters are preferred as they are easier to read, but consumers appreciate a bit of color in the background or surrounding areas.

Devising the perfect website may take some time, so expect a trial-and-error phase. Moving forward, carefully consider customer feedback and make innovative changes as you go. If you follow these principles, you'll attract your fair share of loyal customers and a constant flow of online traffic.

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