How to Reach Customers on Their Mobile Devices

There has never been such a wide variety of marketing options available for businesses. Print, billboards, social media, TV, and online marketing tools offer variety, but also a lot to balance. And understanding how to market to customers on mobile devices can be a struggle for many, as it is such a new field. But it doesn’t have to be so hard. Here are three tips to help you reach customers through their mobile devices and increase your customer engagement. 

SMS Marketing

One option that many companies are beginning to explore is SMS marketing. This type of marketing involves sending text messages to your customers via their mobile devices. As Fast Company points out, SMS marketing helps your business engage with customers directly through their texts which can help give a personal feel to your marketing campaign. Make sure to structure your texts like you are having real conversations with consumers though, people will be more likely to engage in discussion over text rather than direct purchases over the texting. 

Use Video

Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal for mobile devices. According to Now Tech, videos are an effective way to increase both brand awareness and consumer engagement. A universal truth of mobile devices is that mobile screens tend to be small. And those small screens are not conducive to written word marketing. Videos are much more accessible via mobile devices and having a channel with videos with lots of views can really help to increase brand awareness. If you are not using videos in your mobile marketing plan, then now is your time to add a video component to your marketing approach. 

Social Media Presence

Another field that is essential to maximizing your mobile marketing campaign is to be active on social media. These days some companies are the most popular social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram. Look at Wendy’s, which is active on Twitter everyday with jokes, memes, and discounts leading to millions of followers and huge brand engagement. Consider starting social media pages to increase your mobile visibility

Mobile marketing is a new field with tons of variety that many companies have yet to master. And with our world only becoming more digital with the passage of time, it is essential to get involved in mobile marketing. Following these three tips can help get you started with a mobile customer acquisition plan.

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