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Whether buying for a company or buying for themselves, most customers reach for the same thing before they make their purchase: their mobile device.

Just as it has in the B2C world, mobile marketing should top the list of B2B marketing trends this year, given shifts in mobile usage.

Research from AdMedia Partners found that for 63 percent of marketers, mobile makes up a relatively small share of business—20 percent or less. But fast forward two years, and only about a quarter of marketers will be able to say mobile is less than 20 percent of their business.

Instead, the largest share of marketers (41 percent) say that in two years marketing will comprise 20 to 40 percent of their business. On the high end, expectations are even greater. Only 3 percent of marketers claim their business is currently over 60 percent mobile. However, that will change to 15 percent of marketers in two years, according to the report.