Mobile First Websites in Redding CA

Mobile First Websites in Redding CA

Mobile First Websites | Redding CAWe live in a mobile world today.  Everywhere you look, you see people staring at their mobile phones.  In this post, we will look at what Mobile First Websites in Redding CA looks like and why your business needs one.

First, website design is always changing to the needs and demands of the public, your customers.  They now are looking for information using their mobile devices and they want to get that information quickly and easily.  It's not enough to just have a website that is responsive to mobile devices it has to be design with the mobile user in mind. That's why we design Mobile First Websites in Redding CA.

We, IRG Marketing, have made a paradigm change in the way we design, build and deploy websites for our clients.  Since we are mobile, and always have been mobile, we know the importance of creating a great mobile experience for our clients customers.  Mobile First is the way we design all of our websites.

Customers Have Short Attention Spans.

Mobile First Websites | Redding CAIt todays world, customers are distracted by many things happening around them and on the internet it is even worse. It's incredibly hard to get their attention and when you do get it, their focus and patience is short.  There was study done on the attention span of goldfish and what they found out was that a goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds. A humans attention span is 8 seconds!

This is what we are up against when trying to not only get their attention, but keeping it.

Catch Your Customers Attention

When we begin the design process, we ask how are we going to catch your customers attention?  If we don't, we lose them.  The good news is that we can get their attention by making your website look different than most other websites.  We can use graphics, images, videos and messaging to get noticed and capture their attention.

Give Them What They Are Looking For

Customers need and want the information searching for now, and right now.  Why is it that most websites out there make customers go through endless pull down menus, tabs and pages to find the information that they are interested in? Is there really a need to tell them how great your company is right up front and then make them search your website endlessly for the information they are looking for?  The answer is NO! Make it easy for them.  Give them what they are looking for first, then you can tell them how great your company is.

Your Website Needs to be Mobile First

Mobile First Websites | Redding CAWhen we design websites, we design them from the view and experience of mobile users.  Your website needs to be designed and built for mobile devices first and desktop devices second. The website needs to look and function great on all mobile devices, since this what more and more of your customers are going to be using to access your website.  Not only do we design websites for the mobile user, we make sure that they look and work great for the desktop users as well.

Your Next Step

Step back and re-evaluate how your customers will be using your website and what devices that will be access it with.  Evaluate how easy it is to find the information they want.  How easy is to make a purchase or get in contact with you.

Are you catching and keeping your customers attention?

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