How To Get The Most Out Of PHP For Web Applications

No matter what kind of website you have, you are probably using PHP in some form. PHP is like the glue of the internet. It is a language that talks to multiple platforms, and enables some of the most influential companies across the globe to function. However, you need to get the most out of PHP and prevent it from being inefficient. Here are tips to help you make PHP work better for your business goals:

Monitor Performance

If you are not monitoring your PHP performance, you are missing out on chances to grow your technology stack. When you monitor PHP, you can trace and visualize application bottlenecks. This helps you see where certain parts of your code are out of date or broken. That way, you can fix them before they become more significant problems that might filter down to customers.

Use WebHooks

PHP does not exist in a vacuum. In the web world, virtually every language can talk to another. However, it is usually difficult to do without webhooks. These are pieces of code that someone else has written. These hooks help you connect your PHP with other platforms or languages like JavaScript to have a seamless experience for the end user.

Update to a Modern Framework

A framework is a prewritten piece of PHP or an environment in which you can program it faster. It saves you time and also money on hiring more developers or having contractors on the clock longer. Cake is a popular one today, but there are many that you should evaluate for yourself.

Do Security Audits

Almost anything can present a security risk online if you aren't careful with how you handle it. This is no different with PHP. Because it is a living language, it acts in real time based on requests from the user. But it's not your users you need to be worried about. If you don't do security audits, hackers could find backdoors in your code that they will then use to exploit customer information.

PHP is one of the most powerful web languages available to companies today. While other technologies are popping up everywhere, there is no end in sight for this programming language. Still, you need to use the right strategies and tactics to get the most out of it. Otherwise, you could waste endless hours spinning your wheels while the competition focuses on higher level strategies. Use the tips above to get the efficiency and performance that is possible from PHP today.

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