Why We’re Entering the Golden Age of Mobile Marketing

We are entering an age where marketing predominantly targets mobile devices. That's because smartphones have changed the way the world works. No longer do people turn to television or computers for their information. They're going right to the palm of their hand. TechCrunch even reported that U.S. users spend roughly 5 hours a day on mobile devices. This is great news for marketing companies. Not only can they reach their target demographic easier, but they can also reach more people in a quicker amount of time.

Technology is Made for Mobile Marketing

Technology makes marketing easier than ever. That's because companies can easily place their advertisements all over various apps, websites, and devices. People practically live on social media, especially Facebook. There are countless options for businesses to place their advertisements on Facebook. This is an excellent way for them to reach their target demographic by answering a few questions. According to Maryville University, “there was a 63% year-over-year increase in global mobile traffic in 2016, signaling a shift in how media is consumed today.” This will continue to climb as more people turn to their smartphones for information about the world.

Apps and Media Cater to Marketing

There is a saying that "there's an app for everything." It's true. In today's world, people can get their news, weather, updates on friends, and more right from their smartphone. Almost all news stations, television networks, and sports teams have apps that update users about what's going on. This is fantastic news for marketing. It's easier to reach people this way because they're always glued to their phone. That means that they will have no problem sitting through a commercial before unlocking content or reading an advertisement before seeing content. Ads can fit in almost anywhere. It's commonplace now to see them pop up on the corner of the screen. Many companies are opting for interactive advertisements in order to get the users attention.

Easier to Reach Target Demographic

When it comes to reaching a target demographic, mobile apps make that easier. For example, if a company has a product like makeup designed for those in their 20's, they can quickly get their advertisements noticed by that group. They do this by paying for commercial time on television shows that are popular among that age group. When someone watches a show on Facebook, YouTube, or through an app, they typically have to sit through a commercial first. The Digital Marketing institute brings us another interesting example. “In a bold move, the National Geographic Channel created a mobile marketing campaign that was aimed only at tablet users watching on their home’s Wi-Fi network. The campaign provided them with relevant information on their tablets for a co-viewing experience while a program played on their television.” By targeting and pinpointing a key group with relevant information they were better able to reach their audience.

It Will Only Continue to Grow

With the trend that we're seeing, it won't be a surprise that in the future, mobile marketing will be the way that almost all businesses advertise. That's because fewer people are watching television or picking up a newspaper. People would rather get their information, and their advertisements, instantaneously from their phones.