How to Manage a Growing Customer Base

When you first begin marketing your business, your biggest worry is getting more customers, and keeping the ones you have. After having a lovely growth spurt, however, juggling those customers becomes increasingly confusing. You’re doing exactly what you should be doing to grow your base! But, you need a better way to manage your customer records as you grow. How can you best manage a growing customer base, as you continue to increase sales?

Stay in Contact With Them

You have to stay in contact with your customer base to provide excellent services. Customers have notoriously short memories and love to try new things. You don’t want a new company swooping in! Your sincerity and individuality are needed here. Along with offering emails to touch base about new services or sales, and offering social media quizzes and interaction, consider positive reinforcement strategies. If a customer goes out of their way to give you positive word-of-mouth referrals, it’s important to contact them directly to thank them. If not as a formal card, an email or other contact helps immensely!


Use Software

You’ve probably gotten to the point that using software is critical to organize your client lists, and this is awesome- it means you’re growing! CRM software can improve retention by up to 27%. Customer Relationship Management software helps you not only keep a spreadsheet of who your customers are and their contact information, but all of the modern information that drives business today. There are many options available, and finding the one for your industry can help your contacts immensely.


Preferred Communication Style

One of the most important things to know about your customer base, to manage and grow it effectively, is their preferred communication style. This was simple thirty years ago when only phone calls and fax were available! Many customers prefer only to be emailed, and some prefer text messages. Getting spammed with multiple emails, even with great deals, can be off-putting. Likewise, if a customer prefers personal calls, getting only text could be impersonal. If they prefer text, they might not answer a call.


Your business is growing because of your hard work, and being able to sustain those customers matters to your future. Having a great CRM that details preferences and contact info is key to that future progress. Keep going! Learning these new things is essential to helping your world become easier!

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